Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Genre: Non Fiction
Rating: *****

Quite a revelation. I loved this book. Fascinating to the last page and very educational. Explains the concept of social epidemics brilliantly. One of those books that you actually might be able to apply in reality and you will find yourself mentioning interesting facts from it in conversations. What I did find interesting though is that he has a theory on what caused the drop in crime in New York but another book (Freakonomics) offers a different theory. His ideas are still valid though, just makes you remember that there are usually more factors than what are presented. Its also a little disturbing to find how susceptible humans are to suggestion. Hopefully, by becoming aware of our susceptibility to certain situations, we may lessen the effect. I'm also currently reading another of his books, "Blink", extremely entertaining thus far. Even more focussed on the human mind, the process behind snap judgements and even more disturbing stories of how susceptible the human mind is to suggestion.


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